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Taxation Return Preparation & Lodgment

John Harrison accountants lodge over 3000 taxation returns each financial year. They include individual, partnership, trust, company and fund taxation returns.

For individuals the service is fast and cheap with all due care taken to ensure the information given to the taxation department is correct and the taxpayer has received their full entitlements. Most refunds / assessments are processed and received within 14 days through electronic lodgment.

A typical salary & wage taxation return will take about 20 minutes to complete and they are lodged at the end of each working day. A schedule of estimated fees is listed below.

Type: Description:
Simple salary & wage Pay summaries with typical employment related deductions.
Complex salary & wage Individuals that work from home or work related travel, have co-contributions etc.
With investments e.g. Managed funds, dividends etc.
Small business e.g. Tupperware, crafts etc. from home
Rental properties  
Pay later fee For paying later. The refund will be deposited into a Trust Account, from which the balance of your refund after deducting our fees will be paid as directed by you.

The above is a guide only and applies to taxation returns that would take typically take less than 1 or 2 hours to complete. For more complex taxation returns we prefer that the documents are left with us to prepare the return when time is available. The charge rate for larger jobs depends upon the complexity of the work undertaken and the time taken.

Tax Advice & Planning

Tax advice and planning is essentially the process of legitimately minimising the amount of tax to be paid bearing in mind other relevant needs of the taxpayer.

We can provide advice on the various structures and arrangements required to minimise tax payable given a set of goals or future objectives.

GST Consulting & Reporting

Every business that has a turnover (or expected turnover) of $ 75,000 or more must be registered for the GST and report either on a monthly or quarterly basis the GST received and paid. The GST law is distinct from income tax legislation as it has its own terminology and administrative rules.

We can assist in the registration process and provide advice on how to account for the GST. We have our own GSTJournal software.